Hi! I'm Stephen. I founded Light Holistics to offer individuals and organisations in Warrington and the North West treatments and training that can really help. I've had great experiences from my training in yoga, meditation and holistic therapies and I created Light Holistics to share those peak experiences of health and wellbeing. Many people today suffer from physical and mental problems that seem to be lifestyle related. Stress, tension, headaches, back problems, lack of energy, depression, lack of concentration, sleep disorders, aches and pains to name just a few. And these can lead to more serious illnesses. Other people are physcially healthy but want to experience more from life. Holistic therapies are designed to heal the body and lift the spirit. My goal is to offer these services at an affordable price so that you can actually have the experience of holistic healing. I use my training in Yoga and meditation to focus on each client individually to deliver excellent treatment. As well as treatments, I offer classes and training in Yoga, Reiki, Massage Therapies and Meditation if you want to develop these skills yourself.
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Yoga Classes
Yoga classes start back in Culcheth Methodist Hall September 7th 2021
Zoom Yoga Class Thursday nights - 8-9.30pm - contact me for link
Back and shoulder Deep Tissue Massage
Aromatherapy Massage
Body Massage
Foot and Hand Massage
Combined Feet and Back Massage
Individual Yoga and Meditation guidance
All treatments 28 per hour and may go over at no extra charge with necessary consultation
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Massage Therapies
Teaching and Training
New Yoga Book!
Holistic Treatments
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Holistic Therapy and Yoga in Warrington
About Me
Meditation Guidance