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Morning Stephen, I raced my first time back over in Norfolk last night, everything felt great. Thanks for your help. James. Sun 26/3/17

I suffer from Spondulosis - Arthritis of the Spine and Neck. Before I had treatment with Stephen I had to use a lot of painkillers. Since regular treatments I've been able to cut right back on the painkillers. I've had lots of releif from back and neck pain. I also find the Reiki and Massage relaxing and uplifting to my mental condition - Derek
Main upper back problems relate to inflamed fibres behind the shoulder blades caused by bad posture and/or repeated use of one arm or the other in an occupation. Lower back problems tend to relate either to a one off injury or occupations that involve continual leaning forward.

Problems relating to posture start with muscle spasm where the normal process of muscle fibre relaxation stops happening as bad posture gives the body the message - 'on all the time'. Repeated bad posture leads to muscle tissue damage at a micro level as the repair processes that require muscle relaxation stop happening. This is sometimes referred to as scar tissue or fibre tears. The next stage is the build up of clumpy tissue as the body makes emergency tissue repair. These clumps can get stuck behind the scapular bone and are experienced as knots which crunch. The next stage is nerve irritation and inflammation experienced in the neck, shoulders and arms. Massage will break up the clumpy material and cause a rush of blood into the area which will then trigger the natural body process of tissue renewal. The body mends itself during sleep. Often you will ache the next day, but find a significant improvement the following day.
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