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All treatments 28 per hour and may go over at no extra charge with necessary consultation
Combined Treatments
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One of my most popular combinations is reflexology and back massage. The reflexology provides an opportunity to talk, relax and let go and the back massage enables me to release a clients shoulders and back problems.
Reflexology with Back Massage
Essential oils added free with every treatment!
Every treatment is Aromatherapy!
Reiki and Reflexology
Sometimes a client needs to switch off first before they can get the key benefits of Reiki. Reflexology is a great preparation way to do this.
Once I get to know a client the therapy evolves into a combination of treatments. I always combine Aromatherapy with massage but frequently we will end up combining a range of treatments. I don't charge per treatment. I am focused on getting a result for my client so I will use whatever combination makes most sense. I've listed just a few examples.
Back Massage with Yoga advice
A client may have painful shoulders due to bad posture. Following a back massage I will then advice a client on useful stretches drawing on my therapy and yoga experience to prevent the problem re-occurring.
Foot and back massage with meditation
Sometimes a client is working on mental as well as physical issues. A treatment might involve a 10 minute consultation, a back massage and a 20 minute meditation using excellent posture and positive thinking
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