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Aromatherapy means the application of essential oils extracted for their scents. Scents effect us through the reaction of the olfactory (scent) system, mental association through memory and the molecular properties of the oil. A recent BBC documentary tested Lavender and Rosemary and found that Lavender did indeed sedate the mind whilst Rosemary stimulated the mind as predicted by centuries of experience and the molecules found in the oils. Essential oils can be inhaled but as a treatment they are usually massaged into the body blended with a massage oil. An Aromatherapy massage is effectively a Swedish Body massage with lymphatic drainage and essential oils. I always add essential oils with every massage treatment according to the clients need, contra-indications and taste at no extra charge. I have a range of about 30 essential oils covering all the key aroma groups including flowers, fruits, spices, woods, leaves and berries. I specialize in blends that combine therapeutic effects based on molecular properties, effects for which the oils are well know, the scent preference and mood of the client and which oils combine well. I you want to learn more about oils why not enrol on my Warrington Collegiate Introduction to Holistic Therapies course where you will learn how to do it at home ( see classes).
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