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The first step is to assume a meditation posture. Here is an easy way to get the right feeling. Focus on each line and repeat it to yourself actually doing it. When you've got the feeling of each line move on to the next.

1. Breathing in lengthen your spine.
    Breathing out soften your muscles.

2. Breathing in open your chest.
    Breathing out relax your shoulders.

3. Breathing in straighten up.
    Breathing out soften down.

4. Breathing in lift yourself up.
   Breathing out let yourself go.

5. Breathing in grow taller.
    Breathing out become calmer.

6. Breathing in pull yourself together.
    Breathing out let go of stress.

Great now your body has become a temple.
 You're ready to turn your heart into a shrine!
How to Meditate - Step One
Great Posture
Meditation and mindfulness in Warrington