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Perhaps our feet are the most overworked and under nurtured part of the body. When I teach foot massage there is always a percentage of students who don't like their feet. As hominids we have been around for 2-6 millions years according to current theories but the oldest evidence of shoes is around 40000 years ago when our toes began to shrink. Wearing shoes does protect feet against cold and sharp objects but it also restricts movement, our contact with the ground, stimulation of feet reflexes, our skins ability to breathe and causes the force of impact to be focused on the heels of the feet rather than dynamically spread around the foot. People often where shoes for look rather than foot health. Many jobs require people to be on their feet all the time. As a result people get foot problems like plantar fasciatus, sore arches, and crushed and inflamed muscle tissue between the toe joints. Foot massage helps release inflamed tissues, loosen stiff muscles and joints and increase healing blood flow to repair tissue.
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When I began having reflexology from Stephen, I was in so much pain with a collapsed arch that it hurt to put my foot to the ground. After just a few sessions, the pain had gone and I felt so much better. I have had reflexology with him for several years now, and I thoroughly recommend him to anyone. It's a special time for me that I always look forward to - Victoria
According to the theory of Reflexology pressing parts of the feet stimulates reflexes all over the body. The two principles are that the inside of the foot stimulates the inside of the body, just as force waves rise straight up the body and as we step forward from heal to toe this stimulates reflexes from pelvis to head. My own theory is that the reflexes are actually a brain association due to how force travels up the body dynamically as we stand and walk forward although this have not been tested or proven. Reflexology may be particularly helpful for circulation, relaxation, pain, stress and tension, headaches, sleep and issues relating to subtle blockages or imbalances.
Foot Massage
Reflexology and foot massage in Warrington