You are the Light of the World
By Stephen Webster - Case Bound Hardback edition
This book is a meditation course for the 21st Century. Using the spiritual science of Yoga and the colours and textures of the largest world spiritual traditions, Stephen takes us on a journey through 9 universal stages of meditation. Suitable for beginners and experienced meditators, the book includes 33 individual meditations illustrated by beautiful photographs from Stephens pilgrimmages around the world.
A Review on Amazon:
'This is a great book for those interested in starting to meditate and for more experienced practitioners. Its covers all the basics (and more advanced practises) and unlike many (if not most) of the other books on the subject, includes methods from all of the world's major traditions. Highly recommended .'
Dr J.Wilson
I'm happy to post you a copy on receipt of a cheque if Waterstones or Amazon says its out of stock - email me for address details -
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