Developing your core sequence
Once you have a good core sequence established you can build in variations and adaptions. Some postures like the warrior lend themselves to a complete sequence. The classic warrior opposite is in fact warrior 11 according to Iyengar. But it works well as the first warrior pose followed by the two variations opposite - lift up the arms then bend forwards. The core classic sequence includes postures that use all the key yoga exercises - forward bend, backward bend, spinal twist, balance and inversion. You can always add a balance or change the balance in the routine - for example do the eagle rather than the tree or as well. Our body likes routine. Or rather our mind can more efficiently manage our body through routine. So if you stick to a routine the mind will actually work with the body to deliver it again and again. At the same time our mind on its own likes variation and creativity. So varying the poses keeps the mind engaged, focused and interested.
Standing Postures with variations
Mountain pose
Warrior pose
Tree pose
Standing forward bend
Dancers pose
Triangle pose
Eagle balance
Wide legged forward bend
Rotate triangle
Warrior 111, or plank or dancer 11
Warrior variations
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